Major Buzz for Telereal and Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards has been the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium since its birth in 2001. Telereal is a property management and investment company located in London, England. With the knowledge and skill of Graham, the company has brought in large of amounts of revenue every year and it’s only getting better.

With a degree in economics from Cambridge University, Graham has the educational background to be an asset for Telereal Trillium. He has major knowledge when it comes to management and assets and has worked for many companies within the business industry. His impressive portfolio and knowledge accompanied him when he joined Telereal. When it came to negotiations with the company Land Securities Group Plc., Graham ensured that Telereal Trillium would gain millions from the deal. His smart business moves and experience in property management won him much recognition within this field.


Successful Businesss

Graham Edwards has been able to keep up the high levels of success for him and Telereal. He was able to obtain over 6,000 properties for Telereal during a major outsourcing deal. He is the one you need on your team when it comes to business. International Relations is of interest to Graham as he recently enrolled in King’s College London to pursue a master’s degree. His degree will focus on foreign relations, specifying the Middle East.

At Telereal, Graham is in charge of a contract to manage huge buildings in England like the Department for Work and Pensions company ( In 2004, Graham signed agreements to manage the property of Norwich Union and Barclays Bank. Graham is also on the board of many committees in England and Wales. He has a place at the Institute for Chartered Accountants and is a Ellie of the Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

In his spare time, Graham loves to read about other interests such as water and engineering. In addition, his interest in real estate is sure to bring about success. The Telereal Trillium website has much information on Graham Edwards and his plans for the company. Be sure to check out his online profiles for more information on his background.


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