Magnises: It is the Stylish Black Card that Brings Millennials Together:

Trend-setting professionals comprising of a twenty-something to thirty-something demographic embrace Billy McFarland’s Magnises black card. There is not a reason in the world the cool, up-and-coming professional who is in their twenties or early thirties, will wish to not carry the card. It is a handy network card with a convenient pay benefit, and terrific discounting options at all of the city’s finest and most fashionable hotels, eateries, and other retail and social venues.


According to Wikipedia, the black card is weighty which makes it easy to locate in a pocketbook. Too: it is linkable to the member’s bank account card or debit card. The user will wish to link a debit card in order to easily make purchases at all of the retail locations where he or she receives discounts.


The card provides the user with features such as ClubPass which makes accessibility to the coolest night-clubs, easy to attain. When the member shows his metal black Magnises card, he is able to gain immediate entry. He is not left waiting out in the cold. The preceding benefit requires a reasonable monthly fee: and according to users well worth it–since getting into the coolest metropolitan clubs has never been easier.


Another feature is the member can work at a workspace location for a terrific $99.00–monthly. The same workspace is generally $500.00, per month, for everyone else. The place where the workspaces are located also house the Magnises corporate office.


Young professionals, between twenty-one years of age to thirty-five years old can enjoy hotel stays which normally cost over $200 nightly, for a mere $79.00 per night, at select properties. These are very high-end locations.


The reputation of Magnises inventor and CEO, Billy McFarland, is that of technical genius. He has been recognized, by many well-known media sources, as a technical wizard. With the creation of his Magnises product, McFarland has created a product, providing his generation, with a card that not only serves as a stylish card which to pay for products and services; but is a genuine social networking tool. It provides the Millennial with amazing benefits, in connecting with other twenty-something and thirty-something professionals.


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