Madison Street Capital is an international investment company that has its headquarters at 105 W. Madison, Suite 1200 Chicago, Illinois. Madison Street Capital has other offices in different parts of the world; India, Ghana and other regions of the world.
Currently the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (“NACVA”) and the Consultants’ Training Institute™ (CTI™) had announced that one of the co-founders of Madison Street Capital had won an award for the 40 under 40 recognition programs. Mr. Antony Marsala, one of the co-founders of Madison Street Capital, was recognized for his good effort and work in the financial world.
Mr. Antony Marsala is a graduate of the Loyola University of Chicago where he studied Finance and Information Systems Technology. He also managed to acquire a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from Said Business School at the University of Oxford. He is also an associate of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).
Mr. Marsala has a lot of experience under his belt, 13 years worth; he has been involved in a lot of industries, and we are safe to safe he is an expert “corporate man”. He specializes in amalgamation and acquisitions, corporate finance and business valuation. He has experience from different kinds of industries; agriculture, technology, energy sector, manufacturing, staffing, medical devices, biotech, and pharmaceuticals. Brien K. Jones, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for NACVA and the CTI, said they want the best of the best among leaders and experts in their various fields. Brien also said the awards were to appreciate the good work they are doing for the society and the good works that they are yet to do. The selection process was very tough and vigorous the nominees were 125 in their respective fields and only 40 had to be chosen.
We have all seen it; the best have been selected from the best, and we are lucky to say Mr. Antony Marsala is part of Madison Street Capital. The original article of this story was published in the Chicago Tribune, and there is a connection that will lead you to the page.

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