Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Tool For Creative Self-Expression

Lime Crime cosmetics is a make-up line created by Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere. The makeup in the line is known for its incredibly bright colors. People also like that it is easy to use, is smudge-proof and can remain in place all day and all night too. The makeup is primarily sold via the internet. This has enabled its use to spread far and wide. It is now possible to find fans of the unique line of makeup on all the continents and everywhere from big cities to small towns. What has been surprising is that people of all ages are drawn to the line’s neon bright colored products.


Doe Deere created the Lime Crime line to help her get noticed while she was performing with her rock & roll band. And that’s exactly what attracts people to the brand today. It is considered statement make-up. The type people of all ages can wear to make a loud fashion statement without having to say a word. For many people the brand has allowed them to freely express themselves and display their unique fashion sense and creativity for the first time in their lives. That’s part of the reason the brand has spread so far and wide so fast. Many people worldwide have long wanted a simple form of creative self-expression and this make-up line offers just that.


Another reason people love the Lime Crime brand is because it is a socially conscious product. All the products in the make-up line are created using vegan ingredients and they are never tested on animals. That means they allow people to look good and feel good doing it. Plus Doe Deere made the products herself by hand. That adds to its unique quality. The company’s internet marketing strategy and direct delivery to its customers eliminates the middle man and thereby reduces its price. The result is a unique brand that people of all ages, social status and cultural background can embrace.


People all over the world that dare to expose their colorful but caring inner being have made the brand a big hit.

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