Life Lessons from Investor Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a talented investor who specializes in early-stage healthcare companies. He has more than two decades of experience as a healthcare executive. Ara Chackerian co-founded several healthcare companies and is a philanthropist funding youth mentoring programs. Recently he was interviewed and asked to reflect on what makes him a success. He shared these life lessons for future entrepreneurs:

  1. Life is a Lottery

Ara Chackerian has traveled the world and met people from all walks of life. These experiences have given him an appreciation that none of us are self-made, that all of us are products of our environment and opportunities. “I’m smart enough to know that much of my good fortune has little to do with me, but rather the lottery of life,” says Chackerian. “Making sure that I don’t forget that is a centerpiece of my existence.”

  1. Create a Whole from Many

Chackerian noticed that he, like other entrepreneurs, gets excited about the possibilities and positives of an idea and in doing so, overlooks the negatives. Chackerian recommends building a team around you who give you honest feedback to ensure you’re looking at things through a clear, unfiltered lens. He comments, “The best entrepreneurs recognize how to create a whole from many.” You can visit for more.

  1. Digital Healthcare is in our Future

Chackerian is excited about the possibilities that technological advances can bring to healthcare. As CEO of TMS Health Solutions, he is a proponent of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy where electromagnetic pulses are targeted to specific areas of the brain. TMS has proven to be a viable treatment option for those with severe depression. Chackerian cites other examples and adds, “Telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare apps have the potential to bring tremendous value to the healthcare system.”

  1. Value & Protect Nature

Chackerian is an advocate for the calming benefits entrepreneurs can gain from spending time in nature. He says, “I tend to see obstacles better when I put myself in a state of calm…I tend to see things …more realistically when I’m surrounded by nature.”

  1. Foster the World’s Youth

Chackerian founded and continues to fund, Nor Luyce, an Armenian organization that provides mentoring for orphans. He similarly supports youth organization in Nicaragua and the United States. Asked about his priorities, Chackerian replies: “Balancing my entrepreneurial desires with our philanthropic efforts is of utmost importance to me.”

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