Lessons You Can Learn From Liu Qiangdong's Desire to Succeed in Life

Many successful business people come from wealthy families. However, that is not the case with Liu Qiangdong. Liu’s parents were small-scale farmers who had taken up farming after the collapse of their transport business. Apart from making history for achieving tremendous success despite coming from a low-income family, Qiangdong is also famous for growing his small business quickly within a short time. Liu started his business venture with a small store that grew to become a huge company that many people admire.

About Liu Qiangdong, JD.com CEO - JD Corporate BlogLiu Qiangdong’s parents faced many challenges to provide for the family because they only depended on the produce they got from their small firm. That made it challenging for Liu to have a quality education like other kids in the country. However, the kind of life his family lived did not affect Qiangdong’s vision to be a great leader. He kept pushing on and working hard in his studies. His hard work paid off because he got a place in the university, which was one of his most significant achievements and a rare opportunity for people in his village. However, by the time Liu was attending college, his parents were still facing financial challenges. Therefore, his village mates catered for his transport to the university.

Liu quickly adapted to university life and learned everything that he was supposed to do. Then after allocating time for different activities, he realized that he had some time left. Therefore, he decided to utilize his free time by learning how to operate a computer. It was one of the best decisions made by Liu in life because his skills were essential in shaping his career. Liu got a job immediately after completing his computer programming course, earning him a salary that he never thought he could have ever made even after graduating.

Liu Qiangdong used every coin he earned correctly. He used some of it to acquire electronic gadgets that could help him work better. He also used his salary to improve his parents’ lives and used some of it to start a business. The business became very successful, making Qiangdong famous in China and all over the world. To know more click: here.

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