Learn about USHEALTH Advisors in 3 minutes

They are a marketing firm of USHEALTH Group. Their main specialty is marketing a plan of regular health coverage plans insured and underwritten by USHEALTH Group family of insurance companies. Their target market is the people of America, small business owners, employees, and people who depend on them and, self-employed entrepreneurs.

USHEALTH Advisors have been with the firm for over thirty-five years. Together with USHEALTH Group and its companies, they have vast experience in serving the needs of the American citizen health care. The variety of products they offer provides opportunities to support the requirements of the people’s insurance buyer in times when health costs keep increasing.

Innovative compensation

They advance according to the percentage of given business first-year profits on a weekly basis. Monthly pay combined with invested renewals gives a chance for their agents to earn a good salary.

Corporate support

The customer service of USHEALTH Group offers accurate and fast responses to queries regarding claims and policies, officials know their policyholders are getting quality support. MyUSHG introduced more efficiency in the client’s portal thus the client’s self-services opportunities enable them to receive faster and real-time feedback through the internet.


The group has new bonuses for all their agents. The levels needed to qualify for bonuses are attainable and can be maintained by regular submission of activities.


The USHEALTH group several communication avenues that they use to keep their sales team with up to date developments and allow them to exchange ideas.

Leadership dedication

The leaders at USHEALTH Advisors appreciate the crucial role played by agents and sales team for the success of the company. Every leader is a skilled health care professional and has massive experience in the field. They have the knowledge on how to succeed in health insurance. They offer you the materials and training needed to be successful as well.

In conclusion, USHEALTH Advisors believe in unmatched value and care. They are flexible, secure, and affordable. They have a portfolio of covers allows individuals to tailor coverage to their needs. They are the innovators of the industry with massive experience in health coverage.

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