Larkin and Lacey Campaign Against Immigrants Mistreatment and Their Achievements

Many people who live in the USA happens to have different rights and are often treated differently. They happen to have faced a lot of challenges in their journey as human rights defendants. This is mostly when it comes to fighting for the rights of the immigrants. These people often do various things and oftently are treated differently.

They face a lot of discrimination in their life as the immigrants. They face a lot of discrimination for who they are and many times things become very challenging when trying to fight for their space.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two great journalists who happen to have faced a lot of challenges. They have always been able to stand for the rights of others and their desire in life is nothing but success.

They have always committed their lives for the help of others and have never given up in whatever they do. They have also been oppressed because of their stand in the fight for these people. The defense for the immigrants became so tricky when the new presidents could not defend them. They kept on facing lots of discrimination in their entire life. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Larkin and Lacey have always been at the frontline fighting and defending other people. In fact, they have sacrificed their lives for the benefit of others. Before they started their mission, they worked as journalists and they were the founders and the owners of Village Voice Media which they had established in the year 1970.

They served as an alternative weekly newspaper that served the people of Phoenix with the reliable news. They had been trusted by many people for their efforts in defending their rights. The journalism gave them a platform to start their fight and they were able to establish themselves very well.

In their mission of supplying reliable news to the outside world, they decided to write about the illnesses happening in the Maricopa county offices under the leadership of Joe Arpaio. They were arrested for what was termed as having violated the grand jury secrecy. Later they went back to court after their cases had been dropped.

Their case took more than 10 years and in 2012, it was true to say that their rights had been violated. They were compensated $3.75 million and decided to use it towards the established of the famous fund known as Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. They have been working with the foundation since then.

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