Laidlaw and Company Provides Comprehensive Financial Services and Advice

In a financial world that is growing increasingly complex, it is comforting to have a company on your side that understands the needs to today’s individual investor. Laidlaw and Company is just such a firm that has assisted many people, such as myself, in protecting their wealth and diversifying their portfolio. With a truly regional presence in the United Kingdom and the United States, they engage in a variety of banking services that enhance wealth making opportunities while minimizing risk. These are the two components that I certainly appreciate in a financial company.

Headed by CEO Matthew Eitner, Laidlaw and Company is equally adept at handling the needs of today’s institutional investor as well. Eitner has instituted a focus on high net worth retail investors, and they are able to assist in acquisition financing that effectively obtains the capital need for expansionary efforts. This is a mammoth undertaking today, yet my experience with Laidlaw and Company is that they rise to the occasion each and every time.

It is comforting to know that Laidlaw and Company provides such a comprehensive range of financial services. This type of expertise proves invaluable to institutional and individual investors alike. It keeps them from having to go to multiple financial institutions in order to satisfy capital needs. This is a time saver, and it provides peace of mind in knowing that everything from A-Z is being taken care by a professional and knowledgeable management team.

For any high worth individual or institution in the West, Laidlaw and Company provides strategically located offices in New York and the UK with the help of James Ahern. This type of convenient access is often lacking in the financial services industry today, which is yet another reason why they are among the most highly sought after companies today.

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