Kitsault Moves Out The Ghosts It Is Being Reopened By New Owner

Kitsault was a small mining community of about 1,200 people in British Columbia, Canada when almost overnight they Had to abandon the town and move elsewhere because the mining industry came to a screeching halt when the price of Molybdenum bottomed out.

Seemingly overnight the townspeople just got up and left. Some places still have vintage furniture from the early 1980’s. Kitsault is a beautiful town located in a mountain valley with tall towering pines to encapsulate its simple charm.In 1979 the town was built and made inviting to miners and their families with over a hundred unique beautiful homes and even apartment buildings.

It has everything a town could need it has a hospital that could be restaffed and serve as local medical care, a movie theater where people could go on date night, the teenagers could busy themselves at the shopping mall. Since one of its purposes was to be turned into a resort town the recreation hall and indoor swimming poo; will be nice accomadations for resort guests.

The new owner bought the whole town for a mere $5,000,000 dollars after becoming inspired by New York’s Ben Shaoul. The owner says the best thing you can do these days to find good influences is sign up for an account on he owner has already began restoration on the landscaping and has spent $10,000,000 dollars in repairing buildings and restoring landscapes.

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  1. Houses have weathered the seasons very well and some are quite beautiful, having a different architecture. Soon it will no longer be a ghost town. There are some things that can have in common in making sure nothing happens to the will that was provided for them all.

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