Keith Mann Participates in Funding Scholarships in Uncommon Schools

Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) and it head Mr. Keith Mann conducted a fundraiser at Standard Hotel Beer Garden to raise money for Uncommon Schools. Twenty thousand dollars were raised to help in sponsoring a student at the new Uncommon School high school in the 2014-2015 academic year. According to Keith Mann, the aim of the charter school is assist a low-income student in attending college and all the way to graduation. Dynamic Search Partners had already set aside ten thousand dollars to support the sponsorship program apart from what was raised from the fundraiser.

The affiliation between the Uncommon Schools and Dynamic Search Partners started in 2013 and focused on creating a continuous and substantial platform for students to learn practically in a way that will help them have a successful career. Keith Mann facilitates the creativity and dedication of high school students to educational excellence, and he anticipates to keep doing so in future. His program enables students to learn on how to conduct themselves in college, internships, and their future professions.

Keith Mann is a hedge fund, staffing, and employment strategy specialist and has been participating actively in the executive search sector and for more than fifteen years. In his career, he has worked as Dynamic Executive Search’s Managing Director and during his term, he helped many international financial services companies in recruiting. Mann discovered an excellent business opportunity, which was being underestimated by the search community in the rapidly developing hedge fund sector. In 2002, he started the Alternative Investment Practice as a part of the Dynamic Executives Search.

He later spread his career to the private equity business in 2006 and founded the Dynamic search Partners in 2009. The company’s primary function was to serve as a leading executive search organization that is devoted to dealing exceptionally with alternative investment companies. Mann is the current Chief Executive Officer of the DSP. His functions at the company include helping the company’s customers in hiring professionals in the marketing, investment, and internal strategy areas and helping them to create new platforms. The company works with various alternative investment firms in the United States, Asia, and Europe.


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