Joseph Bismark Appoints Martina Hingis To Become The Brand Ambassador For QNET

The QI Group Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Bismark announced just recently, the tennis superstar Martina Hingis , to be the current new brand ambassador for the leading direct sales company known as QNET.

This great announcement was made on the 18th September, when the V-UAE was taking place at the Hamdan Sports Arena. The super star took the stage together with Joseph Bismark and they made their partnership public in front of over 10,000 attendees.
According to the star, the appointment was actually a great honor, and she was very happy to be associated with an international brand such as QNET, which is recognized for its strength and popularity in over 100 countries.

Every single year, all the QNET Independent Representatives assemble to celebrate,to learn, and also to grow like a community at the V-Con, which is actually the grandest convention ever held by The-V. Held in Dubai this year, the V-UAE was a celebration of the QNET’s 17th anniversary. Executives like Joseph Bismark, who are in the company decided that the best way to celebrate the occasion was to add a new member to the expanding QNET family.

The selected super star, Martina Hingis,is a world recognized tennis champion, who was also a former five times Grand Slam winner and Global Ambassador in the International Tenni of Fame. The super star happily acknowledged her title of Brand Ambassador from Bismark. She said she was willing to work with the brand to enhance its popularity. The star joins the company’s stable in sports sponsorships which includes the Marussia Formula 1 team together with the Manchester City Football Club.
Martina Hingis is also believed to be representing the renowned QNET brand in the whole of India and is actually slated to compete in different QNET sponsored events.

Joseph Bismark is actually the founding director in the QI Group. In the year 2008 he assumed the position of the Group Managing Director. He is a very talented and versatile leader who is believed to live by the saying that everybody has the potential to attain extraordinary things. He is known to be very dynamic too.
Mr.Bismark has always actively pursued his innate thirst for knowledge, which he has been able to attain over the years. He has excelled in different interests such as becoming a Vedic philosopher, a good yoga instructor, a bonsai master, and even in martial arts. He is also a very devoted and trusted servant of God.

Source: BusinessWire

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