José Henrique Borghi and Fini, transforming your day

The “Fini” brand is the brainchild of advertising agency Mullen Lowe Brazil, headed up by renowned Brazilian publicist, José Henrique Borghi, who holds the dual positions of joint CEO and CCO within the firm.

A subsidiary of the Spanish group “Sánchez Cano”, the new candy franchise comes with the tagline “Abriu, Sorriu” or “I opened, I smiled”, with the philosiphy that every product should brighten up the day of the consumer with it’s delicious contents and colorful presentation.

Fini is in fact one of the largest candy manufacturers in the world, present in over 80 countries with a range of Jelly Candies, chewing gum, licorice, marshmallows and various other sweet treats. Fini is the leader of it’s market segment in Brazil and consistently bets on strategies to surprise and please it’s customers. Coming from boutique origins, Fini’s market share is increasing year on year in Brazil. Learn more about José Henrique Borghi:

According to Luiz Henrique Ferreira, the Digital Marketing coordinator at Fini, the intention of the new company is that people have surprising and joyful moments when consuming one of their products. “Fini wants to be able to turn any bad moment into good, or a good moment into an even better one. When you open a Fini package, or a Fini Store box, you instantly smile. There’s nothing more true than that”, said Luiz Henrique.

In partnership with the Metro newspaper, Fini recently distributed 60000 copies of the newspaper, with the caveat that the edition contained only “good news”. Distributed in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at peak commuter times, the edition had the aim of brightening up the days of tired and stressed city workers.

This was intended to give a “good surprise” to people receiving the paper, as well as a tasty pack of Fini jelly candy. The happy reactions of the people receiving the treat were filmed and broadcast in a video available online.

Mullen Lowe Brazil developed the “transformations” advertising campaign, which include seven films to be aired on Pay-TV, theaters and Out of Home. José Henrique Borghi’s company created all seven films, which portray everyday situations, inviting people to smile with Fini, and illustrating how Fini’s candy products can positively “transform” the day of consumers.

In reference to the campaign, José Henrique Borghi said that “Creating for Fini is fun every day.” and, in reference to Mullen Lowe Brazil’s relationship with Fini, “Communicating on behalf of this customer is a great pleasure”.


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