Jonathan Veitch And His Real Estate Progression At Occidental College

Occidental College in Los Angeles now has a native Angelino for its president. Jonathan Veitch began his occupancy as the head of the college in July 2009. He has worked to improve the relationship between the college and the neighborhoods surrounding it. Veitch has modernized all of the college’s facilities. He has been responsible for upgrading the diversity of the student body.

Neighborhood Relationships

When Jonathan Veitch took over the presidency of the college, there was tension with the neighborhoods surrounding it. The college had been expanding its physical area. This alarmed residents who feared the party atmosphere of students would affect their lives. Veitch halted this expansion, took the fears of the community seriously and began working to solve the issues. Relations with the community have greatly improved with his tenure.

Modern Upgrades

One of the ways Veitch has helped with community relations is to upgrade older, unused buildings on campus. The master plan is to rehabilitate these buildings for student housing on campus. His plan is to keep students out of local neighborhoods and give them more reasons to stay on campus. The upgrade plan has already begun.

In 2013, the college installed a 1 megawatt solar array. This will keep electrical costs for the campus in check and defines standards for the college’s environmental footprint on the local community. Reuse of existing buildings is also an environmentally important issue.

Student Diversity

This has helped enormously to diversify the student population. Veitch has taken advantage of this information and used it to help recruit students from different areas of the country as well as international students. This diversity makes Occidental College a more attractive liberal arts college for those seeking to share knowledge the world over.

Since he assumed the leadership of the college, Jonathan Veitch has been busy. He has updated the facilities and the outlook for the college. Modernization of existing buildings, a new solar array and diversification all contribute to a new outlook on the campus. This has revitalized the students and faculty and helped enrollment to soar. Working with the local communities has helped ease the tensions caused by students in residential neighborhoods. Overall, Veitch’s tenancy as head of the college has had a positive impact for the college and the surrounding community.

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