John Goullet Building New Accomplishments with Diversant

Diversant is a staffing firm that helps companies look for and hire the ideal technology workers. For over two decades, Diversant has been able to build a reputation of excellence by meeting the needs of both companies and technology workers. With a reputation of being a top staffing firm, a number of companies look to Diversant to find them the top talent available in the information technology industry. Part of what has made Diversant one of the leading technology staffing firms is one of its core values of diversity. The firm often works with technology professionals who have unique backgrounds, knowledge and skills. With this in mind, Diversant is then able to refer these professionals to companies in many different industries. As a result, Diversant has given companies the most professionals for their technology departments.

One of the things that has made Diversant a top technology staffing firm is its leadership. The firm is currently led by its principal John Goullet. He has worked in the technology industry for nearly three decades and therefore brings a lot of experience and expertise to Diversant. Under his leadership, Diversant has emerged as a preferred source of staffing for technology workers and companies who are looking to hire them. John has built Diversant into a top firm by implementing the core values of discipline, teamwork and diversity. On a regular basis, Goullet asks his staffing personnel to work together in order to evaluate technology workers and find companies that are seeking to hire them based on their qualifications and skill sets. He also has his staff work with clients until they hire the ideal technology professionals. As a result, John has made Diversant into a very dependable staffing firm when it comes to getting the right technology professionals for various companies.

John Goullet has been in the technology industry for nearly three decades. During this span, he has worked as a consultant for various companies that specialize in computing. When he was working as a consultant, John provided advice as well as recommendations on how to best manage the available technology resources. He also provided advice for companies that were looking to get the latest technology sources. After working as a consultant, John saw a demand for companies who needed to hire technology workers. As a result, he founded a staffing firm of his own to meet this demand. However, Goullet would merge his company with Diversant and take over as its principal.

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