Jeff Herman Outlines The New Organization Founded To Push For The Child Victims Act

The number of sexual assault and child abuse allegations that started emerging in Hollywood was something that caught a lot of media attention, but the people coming forward helped shed light on an issue that has been gripping the nation. Almost every day, new reports emerge of people being physically, sexually and mentally abused, and a large percentage of that number ends up being children. Often, children aren’t in a position where they can speak out about the abuse that they are experiencing, or just don’t understand what is going on with them. The situation becomes even trickier when the victims are abused by a member of the family who they have been conditioned to trust and depend on.

The current laws that exist in the country don’t always work to the best interest of children who are victims of some form of abuse. There is no support from the government in matters relating to this, which is why the issue becomes harder for parents, children, and authorities to deal with. Corey Feldman, a well-known actor and Sarah Powers, a team USA volleyball player recently joined forces to form an organization that is pressing the governments and Senates to look into the current laws that exist, so that amendments can be made. The organization was also formed with the intention of helping instate the Child Victims Act.

In an article published by Herman Law, Feldman stated that he hopes that this organization and the publicity that he is bringing to it can help bring about the much-needed change in the system. The organization hopes that through the passing of the Child Victims Act, children all over America can be safeguarded on a better level so that they can seek justice for the wrongs that have been inflicted onto them.

About Herman Law

Herman Law is an organization that was founded by Jeff Herman, an advocate, and activist who wanted to reach out to victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse. He was at the forefront of the child abuse exposed at the Archdiocese of Miami and Denver and brought justice to those who had to face abuse at the hands of priests and other clergymen.

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