Jed McCaleb’s Desire to Revolutionize the Global Monetary Exchange System

Recently, Jed McCaleb, one of the biggest names in the blockchain industry announced that Stellar is creating a platform that will lead to new payment methods all over the globe. Jed explains that he basically sees a means where the hybrid system for the exchange of currencies using blockchain. This simply means that in future there will be an operable universal network of making payments whether it involves physical cash, stocks or even assets.

Since Jed McCaleb has been in this crypto currency business for so many years, it is important to take whatever he says seriously. To be more specific Jed states that in the next ten years, blockchain could provide a means of exchange of payments regardless of the form in which the money is in as long as the item has value.

American entrepreneur and programmer, Jed McCaleb is a guru in the tech business and the co-founder of Stellar. Founded in 2014, Stellar is a firm that deals with cryptocurrencies proving a platform for exchanging money using blockchain technology. Born in Arkansas, United States of Americain 1975, Jed McCaleb attended the University of California. After a while of studying at the university, Mr. Jed dropped out and went to New York with a great dream of creating great things in technology.

Jed McCaleb’s career began in 2000 when he started Meta Machine Incorporation through which he released the eDonkey2000 application. A year later, Sam Yagan joined the firm and became the Chief Executive Officer and worked closely with Jed. Jed McCaleb went ahead to buy the domain in 2007. Originally, he had the idea of making a trading site for Magic known as The Gathering Cards but he, later on, changed it to be a bitcoin exchange site in 2010. A year later he sold it to Mark Karpeles.

In 2011 also, Jed McCaleb founded Ripple Protocol. This was meant to be a digital currency where the transaction was to be verified by consensus within the members of the network. Jed McCaleb went ahead to recruit other people to the firm to serve as top officials including Chris Larsen and Arthur Britto.

Jed McCaleb then co-founded Stellar Development Foundation alongside Joyce Kim in 2014. This was a non-profit organization started to develop an open-source protocol to allow cross-border monetary transactions. Recently, Jed McCaleb founded firm focused on building on the Stellar Network known as

McCaleb and Jesse Lund of IBM’s Question and Answer:

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