Jason Hughes Provides Impressive Expertise for Tenants in San Diego

Jason Hughes has developed an extraordinary career in supplying high-quality services for a diverse array of clients in San Diego, California. He is the owner of Hughes Marino as well as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. His expertise can typically be found representing his customers in their lease and purchase negotiations. However, under the leadership of Jason Hughes, the services that Hughes Marino provides are much more extensive than those. San Diego is the epicenter of Hughes Marino and they have reliably served the community’s Corporate, Non-Profit and Municipal entities for greater than twenty years. 


Their success in this regard has led to expansion throughout California and even beyond to other states. Under the leadership of Jason Hughes, the company has grown the list of services that they provide in impressive fashion. They have deep resources to represent both buyers and tenants in any kind of transaction. As Jason Hughes states, they are also highly skilled in managing projects for their customers. Whether program management, project management or construction management they have the means to bring about a satisfying conclusion. 


The incredible number of transactions that Jason Hughes has been a part of numbers in the tens of millions of square feet. This gives one an idea of the scale of projects that he can successfully undertake. Many of the largest property transactions in San Diego have been accomplished by his work at Hughes Marino. Jasn Hughes and his vision throughout the years has been to continue to expand the services that his firm is capable of providing. The upward growth trajectory continues to this day. 

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