Jared Haftel Has Amazing Wisdom in Investment Banking Careers

Jared Haftel is an investment banker with a story to tell. He is one of the countries prominent speakers about getting and maintaining a job in the banking industry. Some say it was pure luck, but others say he is a brilliant mastermind who is ahead of his times. Haftel is a Duke University graduate. In 2009, he had his whole work ahead of him, and through some right decisions, he was able to find his career path.

Life came together very easily for Hafel, but for many that isn’t the case. He started out as a Banking Analyst at Bank of America, and continued to climb the corporate ladder from there. Some think his life has been a cake walk, but the reality is he worked very hard for everything he has, including his education. Now, he takes his wealth of knowledge and uses it to help those who are struggling in today’s job market. Whether it is a person who has the education and no experience, or someone who has the experience but lacks education, he encourages people on how to draft their resumes to perfection.

Sitting on committees that did the hiring and firing, he knows what these large investment firms are looking for. They want someone that is confident in their work and known what they are doing. Haftel makes it easy for the commoner to find a job. He has a serious of blogs and has taught seminars on the topic. Many are following him because his advice is sound and it is helping people get the jobs they want.

Haftel got his start by righting for the newspaper back at Duke University. He drew a crowd even at a young and inexperienced age. Some say that he is just another average Joe, but this man has been through allot in his short amount of time. That experience that he has is worth money. Many people have reported by making some changes to their resumes and finally finding the jobs they are looking for. It doesn’t happen overnight, but what Haftel can offer people is valuable.

For instance, some people leave gaps in their resumes. They often don’t put the truth because they think no one is going to be checking up on those things. When dealing with banks and mega corporations, they will be checking everything to make sure it is in order. No one wants to hire someone who lies to work in investment banking. The goal is to make sure that there are no errors. The resume is the first thing that a prospective employee will see. They must see through the paper and see the value a person has. Because they are going through so many applications, there must be something that makes it stand out from the others in the pile.

Being a forerunner in the industry, Haftel encourages with common sense tactics  on Twitter and provides experience that is vital for today’s society. There is never a reason to doubt someone who works in the depths of things every day. His wealth of wisdom has caused many to follow his blog and other writings. No wonder he has made a name for himself, he is fascinating investment banking professional.

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