Interview Highlights with CEO Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, recently gave insights into how and why he has developed the many brands and successful products attributed to his name.  For a deeper look at Burch Creative Capital, click

Burch explains how he found himself always looking at the world and seeing the greater potential of products and services that he observed, which is why he decided to create his company to help young entrepreneurs bring their vision to life. His company provides funding for ideas that will “bring extraordinary possibilities to the world.”    For more of Burch insight, head over to

For Burch, good ideas are fostered quickly by good people, which helps his vision stay out in front of the game, allowing him to look for how new trends will react with coming generations. He provided the example of the tiny house movement, which inspired his creation of Cocoon9, which creates upscale but tiny homes. This brand fits well with the younger generations more interested in culture and adventure than material possessions.

Starting as a 13 year old laborer for his dad’s construction company, success was not simply handed to Burch. To get where he is, he found himself taking risks often and being comfortable with some of those risks leading to failure. Burch says he is able to move past these failures by taking full responsibility for them, while going through a period of mourning, reflection, and finally understanding.

While not real big on software, Burch is more a fan of hardware, specifically the many convenient gadgets accessible today. He often finds himself listening to podcasts and audio books on his iPad. For updates on Burch recent timeline activities, click on

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Of his influences, Burch specifically names his good friend Steve Ross, a real estate developer, and respects his creativity and passion for his work. He also shows admiration for Ellen DeGeneres, with whom he partnered in July 2014 to launch Ellen’s lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen DeGeneres.  Check for more interesting articles.

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