Insurmountable challenges lie ahead in AI but hey.. lets hail what we have

It’s amazing the milestones that technological innovations have been able to achieve especially in the area of artificial intelligence. E-commerce has particularly seen an overhaul with shopping experience continually being re-invented. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been able to give consumers a whole new shopping experience making it easier and fine-tuned relevant. Fashion enthusiasts can now get a cloth, not as per what others shopped for, but by simply snapping a photo of the cloth on say a physical shop and using image recognition technology look for a similar cloth in online stores. Although much still needs to be done, what is in offer currently has to be given its due.

In an article by Ashokan ‘Many challenges in AI, but possibilities are endless’ that appeared in the Deccan Herald on January 17, 2016, the strides that have been made in the field of AI are hailed as a breakthrough that may have taken a low tone but surely making huge strides. She however acknowledges that there are many challenges ahead in reaching the desirable end. One of this is making image recognition precisely free from inclusion of background items. It is quite a task for a consumer to crop an image to remain with the absolute intended image.

Slyce is one of the companies dedicated to shape the future of E-commerce and internet use as well as setting a whole new standards for customer engagement. One of its major technological masterpiece is Slyce’s Universal Scanner. This is a straight forward solution that makes use of the most accurate Slyce image recognition technology presently in use. The visual search technology offers the company a competitive edge as it incorporates the best features of several of its competitor’s in a onetime product solution.

Central to Slyce’s innovation drive is an organization’s customers. To delight a customer’s shopping experience, the innovations seeks to offer a flawless experience by scanning or snapping anything in their vicinity to receive immediate exact match or similar results online. As an extra feather to the cap, Slyce’s image recognition is capable of handling both 1, 2 and 3 dimensional images. This provides retailers with some much easily integrated complete scanning solution. The shopping experience will be nothing short of a marvel for the customer. The scanner will seamlessly handle coupons, QR codes, barcodes and any other real world image.

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