InnovaCare Health, a Reputable Provider of Medicare Advantage Plan

While a majority of people in the United States with health insurance, get their coverage from Original Medicare. About a third chooses to get their benefits from Medicare Advantage Plan commonly known as the Private Health Plan. The Medicare Advantage Plan features a contract with the federal government where individual are paid fixed amount per person to provide the Medicare benefits.

Primarily, Medicare Advantage Plan comes in three forms that include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-For-Services (PFFS). Other forms exist within these three forms.

Citizens who decide to enroll in Medicare Advantage Plan, they get to pay premiums for both Parts A and B premiums of Original Medicare Plan. This is because the law demands that every Medicare Advantage Plan provide services for all Parts A and B of Original Medicare. However, with Advantage Plan different rules, cost, and restriction apply depending on how and where one receive medical care.

Further, for both parts A and B, each Medicare Advantage Plan limit on out Of Pocket Expenses. In addition, the Advantage Plan cannot include cost sharing that amounts to be higher than it would normally be under original Medicare for services that include Chemotherapy and dialysis. However, it may attract higher cost-sharing ratio for additional services.

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It worth noting that different types of plans dictate different guidelines on how and where one get the coverage. It is important to find out plan coverage before enrolling, even if it is the same type plan that is being offered by a different company. To be eligible for Medicare Advantage Plan in InnovaCare Health, one must have Medicare Parts A and B, have no End-Stage Renal Diseases, and live in the Plan, Service area.

InnovaCare Health has emerged as one of the most reputable provider of Medicare Advantage Plan, as well as Practice Physician services. InnovaCare Health has demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality care through adopting cost effective and sustainable model that integrate a modern technology. In particular, InnovaCare is renowned for providing two Medicare Advantage Plans that include MM Healthcare and PMS Medicare Choice in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare Health is headed by Rick Shinto, who serves the CEO and the president of the company. Mr. Shinto features vast experience that spans over two decades in the healthcare industry. He works closely with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides too features more than 20 years of intensive experience in healthcare Experiences.


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