Inmates Given New Way To File Complaints With Securus

Just as many businesses have upgraded from paper application forms to digital database filing forms, correctional facilities are also starting to move to paperless filing systems. Securus Technologies is now giving inmates an electronic filing system for filling out grievance reports, and processing them all through Securus’s management system. Now guards don’t have to spend as much time carrying and processing paperwork, and prison personnel such as nurses and technicians can get their jobs done quicker. The cost of printers and paper is being dramatically reduced and now administrators have more flexibility to upgrade safety and security measures in their facilities. Watch more on


Securus Technologies has given correctional facilities a high-tech communications infrastructure that has saved money for both inmates and prison staff. Securus instant mail is a system that works a little bit like email, only the contents are scanned before being sent on to the inmate. This system has allowed prisons to scale back on mailroom expenses, and has also diminished the flow of contraband into facilities. Securus has also implemented affordable phone minute options, both as prepay and billing that give inmates and their families an easier time communicating. And when visits become hard to come by, family members can now talk to their incarcerated loved one face to face over video visitation software.


Securus has been in business since 1986, serving the Dallas area and most of Texas, but has expanded its products into other states. Currently, Securus services about 2,600 facilities and is looking to add more. Securus has become accredited by the Better Business Bureau for its outstanding work, and has even brought to light corrupt practices by other prison telecom companies.



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