Christopher Burch was born on March 28, 1953, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. He was born in a middle-class home with nine other siblings while their father distributed mining materials and supplies. He married Susan Cole with whom raised three children and three more with Tory Robinson.

While still at Ithaca College as an undergraduate in the late 1970s, Chris together with Robert, his brother, founded Eagle’s Eye with an investment of $2,000, check They would spend $10 on a sweater and in turn sold them at $15 each. Chris found a factory that would produce a fresher variety of “Preppy” sweaters to sell canvassing within the campus. The company broadened to various colleges leading to multiple shops. The company was able to grow to $140,000,000 in sales. He is as well among the prime investors who indulged in the Internet Capital Organization. Christopher Burch is a common name in successful brands like Solid & Stripped, Blink Health and so much more.

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Chris in collaboration with Philippe Stark, an Architect, and Alan Faena, a Hotelier established Faena Hotel in 2004 in Buenos Aires. In 2005, he bought a $14,000,000 luxurious house in Southampton, New York and later sold it at $25,000,000 after renovating it. He bought a townhouse costing $11,000,000 in 2012 and put it back on the market after completion of its renovation, but in 2013 he purchased Nhiwatu Resort situated on the Sumba islands (

Nihiwatu resort is a captivating 27 villa estate with proximity to Bali. The location is hair-raising with its puffy snow white sand on a remote island. The resort is commonly known as “On the Edge of Wilderness” due to its beautiful terrains and suitability for exploration.

In 2015 the resort made its comeback making it the largest employer on the island with a significant number of employees being locals. Chris Burch got together with Sumba Foundation and donated the money contributed by the guests thus providing aid to the nearing communities. The main agenda for this partnership is to maintain all the fragile culture that this island has to offer.

During the time that Chris Burch is not in his private quarters in the resort, it is usually rented to visitors. During this time he is often traveling to various destinations to overlook his many investments. He is the pioneer and President of the Burch Creative with a wide range of investments in industries for about 40 years. Christopher Burch’s target is the people as well as the market.

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