Hudson talks Athletic Casual with New Line

Athletic apparel company Fabletics is the latest production from Kate Hudson. These inexpensive and fashionable pieces range from leggings and hoodies to slips that can also double as nighties. While these may not be your mother’s lingerie, it is serving a demographic of increasing importance: young but athletic women who don’t want to double their shopping to fit leisure wear and athletic clothing.

The brand is a subsidiary of e-commerce operation JustFab. This company has currently earned billions of dollars on its own merits. The new Fabletics brand will serve as the creative medium of JustFab; a place where brick and mortar strategy will develop and hopefully strengthen. The online experience has continued to attract customers from all over the world, so there is little reason to doubt the casual meets athletic aesthetic model the company have got going.

It seems as if the company will do just that: the Fabletics lines has many women responding as sales continue to rise. The store plants for another 75 to 100 stores over the next three to five years, according to recent Forbes news. Athletic lines for women have not historically taken sleep or casual wear angles into their creative departments. Leggings, shirts, and shoes are typically thick, colorful spandex pieces that you wouldn’t want to wear in a store, much less to bed.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Hudson outlines the lines best features. These pieces are designed for maximum comfort and will not interfere with a night out if desired. She details that some of the dresses, are made with bras so as to minimize too much restriction in movement, leggings that made to make butts look good and the total lack of need for spanks. This is exciting news for those who want to work out but also look good while in a transition phase.
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Hudson seems to be the perfect match for Facebook as she is a known fitness and healthy lifestyle advocate. The daughter of Buddhist Goldy Hawn and Kurt Russell, she has gone on record as a yoga and homeopathy fan. She has stated that although many people believed she would get into a more bohemian fashion – hippy chic line, she believed that an athletic line would reach more women, and also take some wardrobe stress out of their yoga routines to boot!

The company are looking at the future of the brand even within its new incubative stages. While the concept of high fashion doesn’t contrast too sharply with company’s athletic image. Hudson stated within the interview later that while high fashion isn’t out of the question, it would take a bit more money to design and execute. Think of those higher priced racks at H & M or Justice that have less pieces available for more money? So far, the appeal of the brand seems to be for athletic women who aren’t looking to get too dressed up.

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