How Raj Fernando Achieved Success in Trading

Raj Fernando serves as the leader and owner of the internet company He has worked in the past as the CEO of Chopper, a Company that deals with trading. He is a renown leader and a professional person in the global financial market industry. He has actively participated in several foreign organizations. Today, Fernando is an active member and one of the directors of American Security Project. He has notably served in several policy leadership committees.

In his early college life, Fernando was able to volunteer and work with Chicago Mercantile Exchange; this helped shape his later career. Upon completion of his studies, with an increased effort, he moved from the lowest position to one of the highest in the company. In 2002, after a successful job at financial trading, he started his own business. He launched Chopper Trading after he had worked for many years at the Chicago Board of Trade.

In the year 2004, he moved from part time trading and made financial trading a full-time activity. He was able to get funds and employees that would later make Chopper Trading the financial trading it is today. As a leader and CEO, he designed, implemented and managed advanced trading, risk management, source code and observing systems within various financial fields.

Fernando has developed Chopper trading for over ten years. He transformed the company to be a leader in the market. The company today participates in the largest international trading exchanges opportunities. It features a massive 250 workers and is composed of several talented traders and engineers in the market. In 2005, a global financial leader DRW purchased Chopper Trading company.

Early in the year 2016, Mr. Fernando successfully started his internet company; he made a platform that can deliver reviews, information, and surveys to enterprises and individuals. Businesses that want a high degree of professionalism will highly benefit with this.

Apart from simply being a trader, a lot can be said about Raj Fernando’s political support. He is an enthusiastic support for the Democratic Party. He was able to fund for Barrack Obama. According to several sources, his company ranked as the third largest contributor for the Barrack Obama presidential campaign in 2011.

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