Houses Growing in Value

Facebook¬† said that the investments in bricks and mortar have grown, as many have started to notice how the houses’ prices keep only growing. Those who are now older compare the possibilities they had a while ago and pity the young people.

An apartment in Crouch End, North London, could be bought with £32,750 in 1985. Nowadays, the same place that is older and maybe not even looking as great as those years has a price of £660,000. Of course, the economical changes have their share in this huge difference, but not only. The elderly describe their possibilities to buy good houses at their choice, deciding whether the place was close enough to their workplaces. Nowadays, the younger families have to either choose space and remote location or close proximity to work but no yard. Many factors have influenced this change, as the population growth and infrastructure development have their influences.

The writer of the article who compared the houses’ prices now and then is only left with the question why we don’t build more. Besides that, he finally agrees with the advice someone gave him when he was young- to invest in brick and mortar.

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  1. The most important economic pointer in this trend is that there is likely going to be the change in the other prices as related too. Though this is a general rule, is one reliable source that makes it a variable in the sales of real estate and I think that will have the most important effect. Though we have the more in comparison we will have the most important moment as well we can see it.

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