Homelessness Is On Its Way Out

All small city in Canada is being held in the first city to completely eradicate the epidemic of homelessness. Although, if you ask the city’s alderman, he wants to wait at least 6 months to make sure that the program sustains itself before he is credited with eradicating homelessness. Housing First is the program dedicated to getting homeless individuals of the street in into quality homes.

On average, it takes the city 10 days to get a homeless person off of the street and into a house. This program stands on the premise that in order to help the homeless, the first step is to give them home. Traditional data tells us that forcing the homeless to deal with any drugs, alcohol, or mental illness problems before they are housed is part of the problem. How is anybody supposed to fight an addiction or a mental disease if they aren’t even sure where they’ll rest their head at night?

Sam Tabar also suggested the program has posted a 98.9% success rate. Of the citizens who make up the 1.1%, they required additional help before being able to complete housing first. Even after they got the additional help, they were given an opportunity at Housing First and succeeded on their own terms.

If Medicine Hat can sustain itself for the next few years and continue to grow, the possibility of ending homelessness is not too far off.

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