Homecooking Not So Good?

For years we have been told to stop eating out in restaurants and prepare our food at home to not only cut fat and calories, but to also have a portion suited for a normal human being and not Godzilla. Oddly enough, a new study has shown that preparing meals at home may not be as healthy as we thought. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2873843/Why-home-cooking-not-healthy-Study-finds-longer-people-spend-preparing-food-likely-develop-symptoms-linked-strokes-heart-disease.html The thought is that when people cook at home, they might not be paying enough attention to the amount of taste testing they are doing, which can lead to weight gain. Secondly, pretending to a chef can also lead to use of excessive fats such as butter and oil along with an unhealthy portion that is meant for two people, not only one. So what can you, I, and the folks at BRL Trust do to fit the battle of the bulge? First, take a look at what you are actually consuming while you are preparing meals and also when you are cleaning up. Do not let temptation make you finish off the plate of your child’s portion as it can pack on those pounds!

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  1. Make a conscious note of how much you are preparing and only prepare the amount that is needed for everyone. Make a rule when dinner is over, it is over. It has become so obvious that the paperwritten was not judiciously as it should.

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