Highland Capital Management Firm Winning HFM Award

The Highland Capital Management firm is this year’s winner of the HFM US hedge funds performance award. The investment firm won the 40 act category. The reward is given to top performing companies in investment sector who have outdone their competitors. There are several factors considered by the judges for the award. They include customer relations and investor relations.

The Dallas-based firm has over $20 billion assets it manages. It has an extensive investment in the health care sector with assets totaling over $3 billion. The health investment department of the firm is lead by Mr. Michael Gregory. Gregory points over 11 team members with a total combined experience of over 130 years. The award is a confirmation is the firm’s vibrant investment culture. Highland capital investment has a good reputation in finance and investor relations. The health care investment is a major factor considered for the awards.

Acknowledging the effort of Mr. Michael Gregory, the company’s co-founder Mr. James Dondero was optimistic that the company will maintain the growth. He noted that the corporation of the team and the high expertise had driven the company to its greater heights. The company was co-founded by Mr. James Dondero and Mike Okada as a small firm and has grown to be a strong competitor in the investment banking industry and recently hired Terry Jones as President of Institutional Products.

Jim is a certified financial accountant. He is also allowed to use the chartered accountant title. The university of Dallas graduate is a renewed expert in finance and management industry. He started his career in the 80’s after graduating from Virginia University where he specialized in accounting and finance.

Jim is a very active philanthropic member. Apart from his busy career, he never lacks time to contribute to community projects. He has actively funded the building of education center and health care facilities. Jim also holds several positions in the health care sector. He is the chair of the cornerstone medical center and CSS medical center. He also chairs the Nexbank board. Also, he is also a member of the council of several organizations. Jim’s career also is built in over three decades of experience. The experience is the force behind the achievement of the highland capital management firm. Together with the professional team, his values acquired right from college in finance and management is significant in the company’s growth. Jim currently resides in Dallas.

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