Here’s A Hypothetical To Let You Understand Just How Helpful Securus Technologies Is To Police

Imagine you are a police officer hot on the trail of a gang leader. You know this particular individual has committed many heinous crimes and you look forward to the day where you put the cuffs on him. There is just one problem — his gang is incredibly well organized and they all mobilize to protect him. This makes gathering evidence very difficult.


This particular gang has many of its members inside of prisons across the state. These incarcerated gang members are still an active part of the entire organized crime syndicate. That means the gang leader often communicates with those behind bars.


Here is where a breakthrough from Securus Technologies can really help you out. You can bring them a voice recording of that gang leader and they can provide you with every single telephone call he has made to a prison that the technologies company services. This amazing innovation can have you listening in on every single plan, anecdote and a joke made by that gang leader to the active, incarcerated members of his gang. And you can do all of this without a search warrant.


Securus Technologies is the telephone company that provides telephone services to many government-run prisons and jails. They are not the kind of telecommunications company that you can contract for Internet services at your house or office. They focus on prisoners and helping law enforcement.


The company hopes law-enforcement gather information by recording every phone call made one of their prisons. These recordings are stored away so that law enforcement can later search them. Their software allows a search for a particular person of interest’s voice and is capable of pulling up every single conversation that person was involved with. This breakthrough just might give you the information that you need to arrest the gang leader.


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