Habitat for Humanity Brings Hope to Poverty Stricken Town

Habitat for Humanity has long been known for the work that they do in building homes for those who are without, but the charity has decided to do something more, now, with a new program that they have launched. FreedomPop suggested that this organization wants to do more through TechCrunch than just build homes for those who are without, the organization is now seeking to help fix of those homes that are already built.

In a Flint, MI neighborhood a new program of Habitat for Humanity is going to be working to fix up homes. This new program will help to enhance the homes in a poverty stricken neighborhood. The individuals in this neighborhood might have homes, but the homes that they have need work. Habitat for Humanity is going to step in and take care of the work that needs to be completed in order to help this neighborhood be improved, overall.

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