Greg Secker: A Risk-taker Who made it Big in the Forex Market and Now Wants to Help Others Succeed in the Trade

Greg Secker is popular for his impeccable entrepreneurial record and impressive philanthropic involvement. He is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group, a company through which he has helped many business people to excel in their investments. The 45-years old is also an internationally recognized public speaker. Despite wearing all these hats, Greg believes that being a dad is the best and most important job he could ever think of. INSPIRERY caught up with the legend for a brief interview in which he described his trading life, his entrepreneurial culture, and his life in general.

The Inspiration behind Knowledge to Action Group

INSPIRERY wanted to know of the inspiration behind Knowledge to Action Group. Greg said that he started the venture to help people navigate the trading world from an informed point of view. In his assessment, many people failed in trade not because they were poor traders but because they were inexperienced in it. To him, working to get paid is not a thing to be proud of. His belief is that with the right investment plan, making money is a simple and straightforward exercise. He told INSPIRERY that he quit the corporate scene in his mid-20s to establish himself as his own man. He embarked on trading in the Forex market, and within a short span of time, he was already a guru in the sector.


Upon making the switch from the corporate world to the forex market, Greg took a few months before standing on his two feet. He said that in less than half a year, he was making profits more than what he earned in the corporates. Things were not all merry, however, as he had faced a lot of challenges in the first few months to the point of wanting out. His family and friends, together with his undying spirit kept him moving.

About Greg

Greg Secker is a native of Norfolk, UK. He is a graduate of Agricultural and Food Sciences from the distinguished University of Nottingham. Greg’s former employers include Thomas Cook Financial Services and Mellon Financial Corporation.

Greg is a leading philanthropist in London. He is the innovator and manager of The Greg Secker Foundation through which he helps people struggling with poverty. He is also a member of Build a House, Build a Home, an organization that seeks to build houses for the Philippians affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda.


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