Graham Edwards Continues to Develop Firm

The real estate market in the United Kingdom has continued to do very well over the past decade. For those that are in the industry, finding properties to buy in a competitive market can be a big challenge. While the industry is very competitive, one individual that has continued to be very successful in the industry has been Graham Edwards (Releasefact).

Graham Edwards is currently the CEO and head of Telereal Trillium, which is a role that he has held ever since the company was founded in 2001. Over the years and under his leadership, Trillium has continued to be one of the top real estate firms in the entire UK. The company has made several major moves and acquisitions and current owns more than 6,000 different properties across the UK that has more than 60 million square feet of space in total.

One of the main reasons why Trillium has continued to do very well is that the company does a great job of analyzing and assessing all opportunities. Those that are new to the real estate market in the UK may struggle to identify value. However, Trillium has been able to do a great job of finding properties that are not only priced right, but also have a lot of potential for future value growth (

Ever since he was named the CEO of the new venture, Edwards has also been very involved in building a great company culture. While finding a good real estate property is important, Edwards also knows that you need to have a good team in place to manage it and ensure it grows in value. Edwards has focused on hiring great talent and finding ways to help these employees grow.

Before he started working in the real estate field as the CEO of Trillium, Edwards had held a variety of other top jobs in the world of finance. He spent several years working for Merrill Lynch Investment Management in which he was involved in investing assets for both consumer and commercial clients. He worked in a variety of different roles at the firm, which helped to prepare him for a leadership role.


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