Goettl Air Conditioning: New Leadership Prompts New Goals

Finding oneself in the heat courtesy of a Phoenix, Arizona summer can be truly an unpleasant feeling and time of the time. This is where Goettl Air Conditioning comes to save the day. According to In Business Mag, the company was founded in 1939 and continues to flourish in these areas providing its customers with only the best of services. The company also continues to adapt to the changing times and technologies to make sure they are installing only the top-of-the-line equipment and systems to keep one’s home cool and calm. Below is a deeper look into the company and how the changing of hands among ownership made out for the best.

The company was bought out in 2012 by Ken Goodrich. Goodrich was known as a buyer of similar HVAC companies and he looked to recover this business to a state that it once flourished it. Goodrich would go on to change the entire face of the company. He built it up from inside out. He changed marketing strategies, what the company stood for/mission statements, and overall pricing of services. These changes, as well as additional upgrades and career expertise, helped Goodrich and Goettl see sales increase to a rate that almost doubled their revenue from years past.

Goodrich didn’t stop his efforts within the company’s structure and took his efforts to already existing customers. Goodrich brought back nearly 300 sold and installed units to perform a more thorough quality check for the customer. This restored some faith in the company and helped people ut a new name with the company that they could trust and rely on.

Today, Goettl operates in Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona and has also expanded business ventures to Las Vegas, Nevada. The company continues to experience growth in yearly revenues and Goodrich continues to guide and direct his company into new ventures and business ideas. The team Goettl employs is very knowledgeable and creates for a customer service experience unlike any other. The company will continue to supply air conditioning and other clean air services to these areas and is constantly making adjustments to handle the change of times and technology.

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