Go, hippos!

James Dondero is the best when it comes to giving from the heart, and he has no less proven it this time around when he donated $14 million to the Dallas Zoo in attempts to revive the dying hippo presence there, an outpost that had been missing for 15 years since its last popular hippo died and was missed very much. The Dallas Zoo is now proud to once again say that hippos are a part of the family. Two hippos, in particular, are now remembered there by every visiting customer. It is all thank you to Dondero, who proudly put aside his love for money and devoted himself to helping people out of the generosity of his heart. It is all due to his success in the capitals and equities funds management divisions of Highland Capital Management as well, where he serves as President.

He has successfully worked in equities management for many years and can hold his own in any similar business. Due to his continued revenue and profits, he is able to make such large donations. His first donation to this zoo was in 2001, for an amount of $1 million. Ever since then, his success in equities has only grown, and so has his philanthropic hand, to which many places are and people are grateful in turn. The new hippo zoo setting holds more than 90,000 gallons of water and more than two acres of space for the hippos to roam. In addition, it now allows for more visiting customers to surround the area and view the hippos as well: This is probably the Dallas Zoo’s number one attraction.

The building of the new hippo sanctuary has also spread rapidly through word-of-mouth, and every social media network has posted about it in one form or another. As a result, many hundreds more flock to the new zoo just to see the hippos and to see the new build areas surrounding them, both of which are notably beautiful to behold. People praise the new zoo in looking more attractive and cleaner overall, especially within the hippo outpost.

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