Glen Wakeman Learns Lessons on the Road to Success

Glen Wakeman knows a thing or two about business and about what makes a successful business and what doesn’t. He’s had his hearty helping of failures, but he came out on top, and he is now a CEO, board member, small business owner, and investor, just to name a few of his important roles. Wakeman is also the president of Nova Four as well as the founder. Wakeman has even dedicated over 20 years of his life to leading GE Capital to success. His LaunchPadToolKit website offers planning services for businesses and is a very useful tool for customers.

Wakeman has built numerous country operations from scratch and has signed countless partnerships. He has even created new products and built a network that has over 1000 branches. He achieved his BS in Economics from the University of Scranton and his MBA from the University of Chicago (

A typical day for Wakeman is a full one and is composed of meetings and conferences as well as administrative duties. Glen Wakeman also reviews the sales, and performance of the prior day.

Wakeman has no shortage of ideas, and he finds that explaining his ideas to others helps to solidify them. It can help to hear ideas out loud and can even be motivating. Wakeman is passionate about business problems and how machine learning can help to solve them as well as the politics and philosophies that are involved.

Wakeman is a curious entrepreneur and this trait has helped him to work through numerous problems and has helped him to gain an insight as to how to handle many difficult situations. He has not always had an ideal job and even cleaned bathrooms to help him to get through college. One thing he wid=sh he could change would be to keep in touch better with acquaintances and friends along his journey. He has learned that connections play a vital part in the world of entrepreneurs. Overall, he is not afraid to take on a challenge, and he sees every obstacle as a way to gain more experience and to gain a learning lesson.


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