Glen Wakeman – An Overview of a Brilliant Leader’s Career

Glen Wakeman is a jack of all trades, but all of his trades have revolved around growing businesses. He is responsible for the rise of many companies, and he is currently propelling his most recent company to great heights.

Education Background

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton where he graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance. He then furthered his studies at the University of Chicago where he graduated with an MBA. Glen is so good in finance that he is Six Sigma Black Belt certified.


Glen Wakeman has been at the head of several companies’ rise to success thanks to his leadership and financial expertise. Currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. The company specializes in helping early-stage entrepreneurs to propel their companies to success – essentially, Glen Wakeman offers his expertise and experience in packages.

LaunchPad Holdings deals with software products that are designed to help new start-ups to organize their ideas and affairs. The company also provides access to a vast inventory of tips as well as a database of advisors and capital providers as financial challenges are always a hurdle when starting up.

Glen Wakeman is also the Founder and President of Nova Four which connects developing companies with capital providers and provides strategic advice.

However, Glen Walkman’s greatest achievement was during his period at GE Capital ( He worked in the company for over 20 years, and during this period he worked his way up till he eventually became its CEO. As the CEO of GE Capital, Glen initiated an operation that would eventually scope nine countries, effectively expanding and growing the company. His strategies mostly involved setting up new branches, signing partnerships, and creating new product lines to expand the company’s inventory. Eventually, the company registered over $100 million in annual earnings and assets worth over $12 billion.


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