From The Forex World To The Philanthropy World.The Incredible Story Of Sanjay Shah.

For a man who has dined with Snoop Dogg, hosted Prince and Lenny Kravitz, Sanjay Shah Is a pretty lucky man.But of more pressing is the reason for the meetings. It was to organize the latest Autism Rocks concert. It is a concert conducted to help raise money for kids with Autism. It is a cause he holds dear especially so after his son was diagnosed with the condition in 2011.


Sanjay says they took their then 2-year-old son to the hospital in Dubai where he showed a lack of appetite. A series of tests later it was revealed he was sick Autism. Even more disappointing was the fact that Shah couldn’t do much about it.


It was that moment that Sanjay Shah with his wife decided to help in any way they could. They have since given millions of pounds and organized highly successful rock concerts.


Sanjay Shah reveals he has been helping for a long time having started sending money to India a long time ago. But today, he is all about raising awareness of the plight of kids with autism and making sure they are assisted where possible.


Sanjay Shah has also contributed to the research initiative through the Autism Research Fund of Cambridge University. Shah reveals it has led to many breakthroughs including the recently understood fact that the female case of autism is different from the male case.


Shah is multi-skilled, and his passion for investments and companies grew as a result of frustrations from what he was doing earlier. He was born and studied a course in medicine that he practiced for some time. Sanjay Shah later discovered that he was not doing what he felt was the best for him. He, therefore, ditched the profession and started practicing as an accountant.


Shah worked for various institutions more so investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch among others. He was also frustrated by the job since the sector was hard hit by the financial crisis in 2009, making him jobless. The events made him start his brokerage company, where Solo Capital was born.

Source: Global-Citizen

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