From brokerage success to charity sponsor

Autism Rocks is a charity that was established by millionaire British trader Sanjay Shah. Shah founded the charity when his own son Nikhil developed autism. The first signs of concern were when Nikhil couldn’t keep down his food at a very young age as this is usually linked with autism or some form of attention disorder. When he was in Dubai for the tests, Shah began to donate money to the Autism center there. His investments into autism research grew as he began to hold concerts to raise money. Soon, he developed his own charity, Autism Rocks to help focus his efforts to raise money.

Sanjay Shah was born in England, but his parents were immigrants from Kenya. They moved to England in the 1960’s. Shah went to school with the intention to go into the medical field, but quickly changed his mind. Instead, Shah went into accounting. His first job was at Merrill Lynch, the investment bank. Throughout the following few years, Shah worked at many other investment banks until the crisis in 2009. Discontent with the results of his work as well as from working a desk job for 10 hours a day, Shah quit his job and decided to try and start his own brokerage business.

Shah decided that instead of working for a large company, he would rather take the risk of starting his own. He started out renting an office and hiring recent graduates to help with his business. Over 5 years later, Shah is now a millionaire and his business, Solo Capital has grown into a very successful brokerage business with offices in both London and Dubai. With his company’s success, Shah is now able to spend less time working and more time focused on his charities such as Autism Rocks. Working on raising money for charities such as Autism rocks is Shah’s new focus now that he is officially retired from the brokerage business.

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