Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Goes to Court over Ferry Settlement

Once the General Manager for the Atlanta Hawks, Danny Ferry once again finds himself at the center of new legal challenges over his settlement claims. It isn’t the current team leadership that’s going after Ferry but Bruce Levenson, formerly with Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, that’s introducing this lawsuit.

At Fulton County Supreme Court the New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) is expected to defend their handling of Ferry’s resignation, which took place during Bruce Levenson‘s time with the team. Levenson’s group, representing his interests, claim that the NHIC was in breach of contract and presented insurance bad faith. Under their original policy, Levenson argues that workplace terminations and torts ought to have been covered by the NHIC during Ferry’s resignation but weren’t.

Ferry finalized a termination of his contract in June, 2015. Having signed on with the Atlanta Hawks in 2012, Ferry was expected to stay on until 2018 but finalized his separation just days before Levenson’s company was scheduled to release its ownership of the team.

In the lawsuit filed, Levenson’s representation argues that the NHIC failed to notify him that the company he controlled would be liable for the cost of Ferry’s separation, then refused to cover the costs that resulted upon contract termination. To deny coverage when their policy was still in place, Levenson’s side argues, is a breach in policy and they are entitled to compensation.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson began his career writing for the Washington Star before taking his talents to Observer Publishing. This prompted Levenson for a career in business. Along with his partner Ed Peskowitz, Levenson founded the United Communications Group, where he’s served as Partner for 20 years.

Away from his professional life, Levenson has been active in the world of philanthropy. According to PR News, he’s spent time as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation.

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