Fabletics Takes Women’s Athletic Wear to the Next Level

In the world of women’s athletic wear, consumers have long been obligated to choose between fashion and affordability. In 2010, with the consumption of women’s activewear climbing to new heights, Don Ressler, along with co-founder, Adam Goldenberg, began actively following the trends. He realized that this flourishing industry was here to stay, and decided to found Fabletics. Fabletics would be created with a vision to provide fashionable, comfortable, and affordable activewear to consumers with ready availability.

Working in close proximity with Mr. Goldenberg, Mr. Ressler was able to develop a revolutionary idea for women’s activewear by focusing less on the trends of the time, and more on the things that women seeking new activewear desired in an avant-garde product. After a myriad of consumer tests and focus groups, Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg came to the conclusion that many of the problems that women highlighted during these conferences were very similar in nature throughout. In many cases, the clothing available on the market at the time were ill-fitting and often expensive.

After a series of progressive moves, Mr. Ressler decided to seek the services of Kate Hudson to be the face of the brand. This move proved to be one of the most productive. While the women’s activewear industry has long been plagued by its inability to connect on an intimate level with its consumers, Mr. Ressler’s decision to partner with Kate Hudson allowed them to connect consistently with their target audience. Kate Hudson, along with her spokesperson, would soon allow the brand to connect with the masses, due to her friendly attitude, and confident, appealing look and demeanor. Since joining the Fabletics team, Kate Hudson has constantly been a part of growing the brand.

Initially, Fabletics underwent a few hiccups, including funding issues, but through the perseverance of Don Ressler, the company was able to succeed in penetrating the notorious complex market. Mr. Ressler had to contend with manufacturing issues, as creating a product of such high quality in a cost-efficient manner, proved to be difficult when attempting to make it readily available for mass consumption. One of the latest editions contributing to the continued success of Fabletics is the ability for consumers to pay a flat monthly fee in order to receive discounted items. Today, Fabletics continues to shine amongst its competition, as its strong online approach and grassroots appeal, due to Kate Hudson’s strong media presence, continue to push the brand to the next level.

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