Excellent Brain Solutions At The Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers

Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers are reputable health service providers offering brain health solutions. Neurocore was established in 2004 and has nine branches in Florida and Michigan. These centers include Bloomfied Hills, Grandville, Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, Holland, Livonia/Metro Detroit, West Palm Beach/Palm, Kalamazoo, and Sterling Heights. Mostly, they treat patients suffering from depression, autism, migraines, stress, ADHD, anxiety, and sleep-related issues. Neurocore Treatment Center offers a free consultation to its clients before it schedules a brain assessment session.

Neurocore Brain Centers specialize in performing brain assessment based on data and training programs that help enhance the patients’ brain concentration. Due to the excellent work in the brain field, the centers have emerged as the national authority to reckon with in neuroscience. Neurocore use advanced technological methods to comprehensively evaluate, diagnose, and treat brain problems.

During treatment, the specialists provide a personalized and safe program to assist in training the patients’ brain while minimizing harm. They make use of special sensors are used that record electrical activity of the brain. This data is then analyzed to indicate the source of the symptoms and a program is developed to focus the problem. Electroencephalogram (EEG), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA) and Behavioral Checklist are some of the methods that are used to build a client’s profile.

The unique brain map for each individual is used to design a customized program. Through repetition and positive reinforcement, the brain is trained to function more efficiently through neurofeedback sessions. Neurofeedback uses brainwave mapping and software that give feedback in real-time by monitoring brainwave frequencies. It helps the brainwaves to continuously work at their optimal ranges. This helps to eradicate unwanted symptoms and develop certain aspects such as stress management, attention, and focus.

Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers have a 45-minute biofeedback and neurofeedback session that utilizes the brain’s neuroplasticity. It involves viewing a film that plays while the speed of the brain is in the therapeutic range and stops when the brain is out of range. With the advanced technology and experienced specialists, Neurocore Centers offer the best brain treatment.

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