For the last one and half decades, Europe has been the sleeping giant in technological innovations. The trend is changing as the market takes a global lead in innovation attracting giant investment firms. American and Asian companies have dominated the sector and the emerging of Europe is set to increase further competition. American giant companies like Google and Microsoft are eying the new market. Without saying the investments, firms are also on the lookout for emerging opportunities.

The European companies have focused on satisfying the local market. The change is the trend is influenced by the attention to investing in technology. The new sector is also receiving government support forcing a migration from other areas to the new promising area. The market is driven by innovations hence the well-trained workforce is a big boost for this new sector. Among the American investment firms with the interest in the market is Highland capital management firm.

The Highland Capital market is headed by the president and co-founder Mr James Dondero. Jim is a University of Virginia graduate with an experience extending past three decades. Jim cofounded the Highland capital management firm in 1994 with Mr Mike Okada. Before then, Jim worked in several leading organizations where he held senior positions. Jim was the chief finance officer for the GIC subsidiary high protective life. During his time at the company, he initiated several community development projects in the health sector that even stand up to today. Jim is remembered in the American Express company for helping the firm’s to accumulate over $1 billion of assets in the early 80’s. His experience in accounting and finance is among the top best in the investment industry.

The Highland Capital Management company that is led by Dondero won the prestigious HFM Awards for 2015. The firm won the award for its excellent performance in the health care sector. Jim congratulated the Michael Gregory team for the award saying it confirmed the company’s commitment to investing in the healthcare industry. Currently, health care investment is Highlands alternative investment sector with assets totaling over $3 billion. The subsidiary is the beginning of Highlands venture in investing in diverse economic sectors. The company is the company is considering investing in technology and agriculture sectors. Jim has led the company to recover from the 2008 financial crises that hit the economy to building a substantial investor relations and trust.

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