Eric Pulier’s Contributions to the Community

Eric Pulier is one of the leading and most successful technologists and entrepreneurs in the government. This serial entrepreneur is the founder of more than fifteen ventures which are mainly concerned with the application of information technology to business solution or enterprise infrastructure. Mr. Pulier has co-founded and founded companies in their early and seed stage and has turned several ideas into great ventures backed with millions in capital. Some of the most prominent venture capital groups in the world have provided funds for companies that Eric has co-founded or founded. Companies like virtual desktops (Desktone), rich media presentation (MediaPlatform), and Enterprise Professional Services (US Interactive) have been vital in financing the startup firms.

Pulier has co-founded, founded or financed several companies including Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Akana, ServiceMesh, Desktone, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council which have merged to form TM Forum. All the companies that Eric Pulier is associated with are technology-oriented companies. Eric Pulier fell in love with technology while still in fourth grade. At this stage he used to program computers and later in high school, he founded a database computer company. After graduating from Harvard University, he relocated to Los Angeles where he established People Doing Things (PDT). The company dealt with education, health care among other issues with the use of technology. PDT opened up the way for other ventures such as interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994.

Starlight Foundation is one of Eric Pulier’s establishments, but the project is a private social network for children with chronic illnesses where they can blog, chat, post content and interact with others who share the same experiences. Besides this philanthropic project, Pulier manages a project which is an array of computer units for children with diabetes. The Starlight Diabetes is an amazing game where children travel through their bodies and see first-hand how their sugar levels fluctuate.

Not only is Pulier a renowned entrepreneur and technologist but also a published editor. His passion for writing started when he was at Harvard University where he was an editor and columnist for The Harvard Crimson. He has written books such as Understanding Enterprise SOA, a publication that gives young entrepreneurs and technologists a picture of various problems and their inter-dependencies.

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