Eric Pulier is one of the Top Mind in the Entrepreneurial World

Eric Pulier is an accomplished investor who has established or co-established a series of more than 20 seed ventures. He is popular for turning simple ideas into successful business. Pulier has created a successful business empire from scratch. He is a role model to both new and established investors. He has used his marketing skills to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for numerous ventures. Some of the ventures founded by Pulier include US Interactive, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, and Media Platform.

Early life and education

Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey until he graduated from high school. He is a graduate of Harvard University holding an English and American Literature degree. He also studied environmental studies and computer science. Serving as an editor and columnist of Harvard Crimson newspaper, Pulier was able to balance between studies and work.

Career progress

Upon graduating, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things (PDT). PDT is a firm that offers innovative technology solutions for healthcare, wellness, and education. He has held managerial positions in several established companies such as Digital Evolution, Media Platform, and ServiceMesh Inc.

Other talents

Apart from building a successful investment portfolio, Pulier is a reputable author who has published several books like Understanding Enterprise SOA, which is a book that guides new investors to establish successful businesses. The book has received numerous literary awards in the business writing fields. He is one of the most decorate public speakers who inspires entrepreneur across the globe. He relies on personal experiences to guide entrepreneurs. Pulier reveals secrets of his success to his loyal fans.

Philanthropic activities

Pulier is an active philanthropist who supports educations causes, disease, and poverty eradication. He has financially supported multiple non-profit organizations like the X-Prize Foundation. He is a board member of X-Prize Foundation. The aim of X-prize is to encourage the use of technology to solve problems that face humanity. He is the biggest donor of ACE Foundation, an organization that specializes in reshaping and developing software. He is a Painted Turtle board member, an organization that specializes in organizing summer camps for kids suffering from chronic diseases and life-threatening complications.

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