Entrepreneur Josh Verne Talks About Attaining Success

Recently Josh Verne held an interview on a podcast to talk about his business ventures and tips for success. The podcast was very intriguing as Verne talked about the steps a person must take in order to maximize their overall success. During the podcast, Josh said that people need to be leaders instead of bosses when looking to reach high levels of success. He also stated that people must always look for a win win situation when handling disputes. In the podcast, Verne emphasized the importance of seeking balance in your life as well as finding a career that you are truly passionate about. It is also important to listen more than you speak when interacting with others according to Josh Verne. By following these steps, a number of people will be in great position to reach their goals and become a success.


Josh Verne co founded a marketing company known as FlockU back in 2014. The company offers consumers personalized content as well as e commerce and marketing partnerships. The main core customer base of the company is college students who are looking to gain access to campus information. Verne devised his company to provide students with the information they need in order to keep up to date on campus life as well as upcoming events. Josh has also made his company an organization that helps consumers access top quality merchandise and market with some of the most widely recognized product brands on the market. As a result, Verne has built this young company into one of the top marketing companies in the United States.


At the beginning of his career, Josh Verne worked as a warehouse clerk at a furniture distribution business. He worked for his family and gained a considerable amount of work experience directly out of high school. Over time, Josh would advance in the company and attain positions that required more significant responsibility. This would help him develop the mindset required to eventually run a successful business. He would resign from his family business and work in the retail industry. During this time, he would help companies make millions of dollars in sales. After working in the retail industry, Josh would start up his first company called Workpays.

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