English King Found Under Parking Lot

Scientists from the University of Leicester have positively identified 500 year old remains as those as the despised Richard the III. The tomb and remains were found under a parking lot.So how did a King end up there?

In his era such deformities were thought to be a punishment from God. Despite this Richard managed to have himself named Lord Protector of his young nephew 12 year old Edward V.

He declared his nephew as illegitimate and took the throne for himself. Tom Rothman said it was then ordered that both young Edward and his 9 year old brother ,also named Richard, in the Tower of London Both of the young princes disappeared in the same year 1483 leading to what is now known as the mystery of the lost princes. Many believe Richard the III had them murdered.

Find out more. Due to his handling of the young prices the new King Henry IV had him buried without fanfare at the Grayfriers Church which was destroyed in 1536 along with Richards Tomb. Centuries later a parking lot was built on the site.

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