Edward Honig: Leading NYC Cardiologist

Heart health is vital to each of our everyday lives. However, we rarely hear anybody talking about it in mainstream media. Outside of General Mills and their heart-healthy advertisements for Cheerios, you never see anything about the importance of keeping your heart in good shape. It’s not until you or a family member is in line for a heart transplant that you realize it. This is often the case: you never know until it’s too late. When it comes to your heart, though, it’s better to start early than to start over.

What is a Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is a trained doctor who specializes in the treatment and management of any disease or condition that affects the heart or blood vessels, otherwise known as the cardiovascular system. Cardiologists may specialize in a variety of things such as pediatric cardiology, adult cardiology, echocardiology, electrophysiology, or various interventional procedures. It would be beneficial to visit one from time to time to check your risk for heart disease and to discuss ways to better your heart health.

Any student who wishes to pursue a career in cardiology must first receive their Bachelor’s degree. When you have completed that degree, you must then apply to a medical school to obtain a Doctoral degree in medicine. You must also complete a residency program in internal medicine and cardiology before pursuing the career further.After you have completed your education and certifications, however, the field is very promising.

After you have completed your training and certifications, however, the field is very promising. Cardiologists can expect to make upwards of two hundred thousand dollars depending on where they work and their prior experience. The seven years of education and training necessary to start your career ends up paying off in the long run. After training, a cardiologist could find work in many places such as hospitals, universities, or their own private practices.

Who is Edward Honig?

Edward Honig is a cardiologist in Glen Cove, New York who specializes in internal medicine and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He received his education and training from Duke University’s School of Medicine; he also completed his fellowship at Yale. Edward Honig is licensed to practice cardiology in New York.

Edward Honig has been licensed to practice cardiology in New York since 1952 and has had a clean background since he started. The doctor has no history of malpractice, sanctions, or board actions against him. On top of that, he is a member of the Healthgrades Honor Roll. When working with Edward Honig, you are guaranteed to be working with a doctor of good experience.

Choosing the Right Cardiologist

When it comes to choosing your cardiologist, it is incredibly important that you choose one who you can trust. Your cardiologist should be properly trained, certified, and have experience in the field. The most important thing is always to make sure your doctor is certified before working with him or her. Because your heart depends on it, taking a little time to choose the right doctor is worth it.

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