Edward Honig is a certified cardiologist focusing on prolonging lives in NYC

During your regular visit to the clinic, you are likely to hear of the word cardiologist. A Cardiologist is a doctor who has been specially trained and certified to offer advice on the cardiovascular system, the blood vessels and areas related to the heart. Cardiology is a wide area and different cardiologists specialize on different sections. Some of the areas include nuclear cardiology, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology among others.

Some of the conditions that cardiologists cater to include:

  • Angina which is a chest pain that is brought about when the coronary arteries narrow.
  • Arrhythmias which is irregular heartbeats.
  • Diseases of the arteries such as atheroma.
  • Conditions brought about by holes in the heart
  • The Accumulation of fluids in the heart, Oedema.
  • Heart murmurs which are diseases of the valves.
  • Other forms of heart diseases

The cardiologists cover the scope of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the areas of the body they cover. For prevention, they examine the patient to evaluate the current condition of the heart and predict any sort of diseases that may be likely to occur. They then offer a prescription for medicine or recommend some particular exercises or diets that one should follow in order to prevent or reverse a particular heart disease. If a patient has already been diagnosed of a heart disease, further tests and treatments have to be administered regularly. The tests can be conducted through an echocardiogram, a diagnostic tool for determining the condition of the heart. The cardiologists then translates the findings to the patient and offers possible solutions. Some of the solutions offered for the heart problems include medication, electrophysiology, which is s heart rhythm disorder treatment, and surgery which can be major or minor depending on the extent of the heart condition.

Dr. Edward Honig is a renowned cardiologist who specializes in internal medicine and has even been certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He practices in New York City at the Glen Cove Hospital. Dr. Edward achieved all the necessary steps of been a cardiologist. He graduated in 1951 from the Duke University School of Medicine and completed his internship and residency at the New York Hospital thereafter. He also completed his fellowship at Yale in 1955. Dr. Edward has a Healthgrades Honor Roll meaning he has been certified by a Board and his certificate has not been revoked or any displinary action taken on him by the state. This means that for any consultation need regarding your heart, you are safe and can trust this cardiologist.

Dr. Edward focuses on examining his patients and giving them a proper diagnosis of the conditions of their hearts. His main focus is usually on ensuring that his patients have healthy hearts and also works on prolonging lives by preventing and offering solutions to life threatening conditions associated to the heart and other cardiovascular related diseases. He has been in this industry for many years and this has earned him vast experience. This ensures that you get quality treatment and advice for your condition. Dr. Edward Honig is keen on understanding the process of the disease in order to provide a detailed breakdown of prevention mechanisms or treatments.


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